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How do Cleardale Angus cattle stand out?  First and foremost the cattle are bred and managed to perform in high country conditions. Essentially, to be a functional high country cow, she must wean an above average calf every year, lose weight through early lactation but then replenish her reserves on moderate quality pasture.  In addition to the ‘high-country’ attributes, the four pillars that Cleardale focuses on are sound, safe, steak-from-grass and sink...

2 Year Bull Sale 10 June 2024 at 11am


Sound - Structural soundness so cows can walk and forage and bulls last.

Safe - Breeding cows and bulls that are genetically safer to work with ensures progeny are less likely to dark cut and are a pleasure to work with. 

Steak-from-grass - IMF is the most consumer focussed trait within beef cattle. IMF or marbling is linked to the consumer's eating experience. Being able to reach threshold IMF levels from grass finishing will underpin future value chains. 

Sink - Carbon neutral or carbon favourable production systems require breeding cows to use the resources efficiently, resulting in a lower carbon intensity of production.  Cow efficiency and progeny growth rates underpin carbon intensity. 



Profitability within a cattle system can be enhanced by using all the proven genetic tools around. The basics of ensuring cattle are of sound structure and quiet in nature can be enhanced further, with accurate recording, breeding values and genomics.

Breeding values and genomics are particularly helpful to assist in viewing what’s under the skin of an animal, providing an insight into what future progeny will look like, grow like, breed like and essentially, eat like.

All Cleardale Angus sires are tested with HD50K (a genomic product that assesses the genetic makeup of an animal at thousands of locations across the animal’s genome).  This gives greater assurance on the accuracy of EBVs on all bulls sold.

We also undertake progeny testing extensively, and use software package MateSel to determine mating that will optimise the genetic progress across the cattle operation.

All cattle have full Parent Verification (PV), and we put great emphasis on our temperament and structure, with all bulls independently assessed. The use of Claw Set and Foot Angle EBVs give greater insight into what any given bull's progeny will be like in terms of their foot structure.


Cleardale is a full registered member of Angus Australia

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While increased profitability for the client is at the forefront of AngusPRO members’ aspirations, producing the finest grass fed eating experience for the end consumer is absolutely imperative.



The AngusPRO index ($PRO) has been developed by Angus Australia specifically for New Zealand farming conditions and beef markets.

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